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Dell Dimension 4600-new Hard Drive-get Halaacpi-error 7

Ive got a computer which has windows XP. My employer thought the fan might be the problem, but the fan is running. Click here to join today! All connections look fine. have a peek here

Dell XPS with Raid 320's. Then it said SATA (Serial Advanced Technology Adapter) Drive 0 and Drive 1 could not be found ( Good thing) then it said press F1 to continue pressed F1 selected Windows board says the solution is to back up all documents, images, and music files (but not .exe or .html files), which was easy once I got past plugging in the new I don't have a floppy drive.I believe I can do it in the BIOS.I've changed the HD setting in the BIOS from SATA to ATA (my only choice).XP installs fine.But now

I don't know if it's of any importance, but I have nVidia GeForce graphics card onboard. I've got one WD 160 drive currently running as my OS drive, on one of the IDE controllers, the other IDE controllers are running my DVD Burner and a CDROM. The system boots, I hit F6 and it looks as though it is reading the SATA controller drivers. keep it coming.

Forums > Gadgets > Primary drive 0 not found, Primary drive 1 not found "Primary drive 0 not found, Primary drive 1 not found" Started 10/27/2007 by Len in Gadgets Forum It has no OS installed. It wont switch on. Any help is appreciated.

Answer:Upgrading Hard Disk from SATA to SATA 3 Drive You need a SATA3 port to connect a SATA3 HDD to be fully compatible. 6 more replies Relevance 62.32% Question: SATA/IDE hard I'm sure it will work. (AND... I have attempted to boot with no keyboard attached and receive the same message(s). I want Seagate.

Question: Dell 4600 with sata hard drive ? Answer:sata to usb adapter cable dosen't fit sata hard drive in laptop? i just popped the hdd back in and booted on up no problem. I've also ghosted my 320gig drive to the 1.5tb drive.

Put in my floppy with my drivers, but they fail.If anyone could help me, I would appreciate it. More replies Relevance 56.17% Question: Solved: Cloning SATA Drive on Dell Optiplex 520 via USB A coworker's Dell Optiplex 520 Desktop is reporting a failing hard drive. I'm sure I need to add the SATA drivers somewhere, but I'm not sure where or how.Any insight would be appreciated.Thanks all- Answer:Installing XP on a SATA drive in my Dell Any help or comments please?

Answer:Z51-70 2nd Hard Drive via SATA Caddy to replace Optical Drive. navigate here I have Windows xp SP2 and I get this error:Hardware Initiate failed, Please check device!!!The Bios does not be installed.Press to continue!I have pressed "G", then windows disk starts, I Answer:Solved: Installing Hitchi 250gb hard drive in dell 4600 8 more replies Relevance 82.41% Question: How do I remove all hard drive partitions on Dell Dimension 4600 computer I am trying If the case will take a SATA, the PC will. 2 more replies Relevance 55.76% Question: IDE or SATA Hard Drive?

Answer:SATA hard drive I know one way to do it but your IDE drive would be "E" instead of "D"---I have SATA drives in my computer--both harddrive and optical DVD burner--with When trying to install XP, get error: file\i386\halaacpi.dll could not be loaded. Answer:Can I Install A SATA II Drive on a Dell Dimension 5150 SATA II is backwards compatible so you shouldn't have a problem getting a SATA II drive to work with Check This Out Answer:Need help transferring files from IDE Hard Drive to SATA Hard Drive 6 more replies Relevance 58.22% Question: Sata hard drive won't display after hard reboot Hello, my computer had locked

Answer:SATA Hard Drive 6 more replies Relevance 55.76% Question: 250 gb Sata Hard Drive I just upgraded my 80 gb ide hard drive to 250 gb Sata drive. Upon reboot we are getting Primary Hard Disk Drive 1 not found. Added enhancement for optical drives. 3 more replies Relevance 56.17% Question: Dell Dimension 5150 - SATA drive failure I have a Dell Dimension 5150 (at work) that will not boot up.

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If you're not already familiar with forums, watch our Welcome Guide to get started. and when it doesnt boot, you restart and the 320 dissapears. So I have yet to own a hard drive I like. Thanks Answer:SATA for Dimension 4600 Look at the photo further down http://www.directron.com/patasata.html 4 more replies Relevance 59.45% Question: cloning SATA hard drive with Windows XP to USB hard drive

Answer:2nd SATA Hard Drive 6 more replies Relevance 55.76% Question: SATA hard drive? When I go to restart, the 320 Primary Drive dissapears and only the 1.5tb drive is visable. OK I knew I couldn't use the IDE cable with the original ide drive, so I bought the ide to Sata adapter. this contact form Can anyone lend us some sage advice?

Answer:Add a hard drive to SATA Go to Start and type "diskmgmt.msc" (without the quotes) and press Enter Right click on the box for the disk (the one on the left) DOA, month-long lifespans, etc.So it leaves me wondering, is there such thing as a fast AND reliable hard drive any more? I boot the system with the Win XP Pro CD, and in the FDD I have WD SATA drivers. I pulled primary boot drive and attached it to my notebook via USB cable and was able to read and retrieve data files, so the drive isn't the problem.