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Dell Printer For Non Dell Computer?

Network Type Displays the network type from either the Ad-Hoc or Infrastructure mode. Connection Time-Out Sets the connection timeout period between 1 and 1000 seconds. Values: HTTPS On Enables SSL encryption. Covers Sets the reference voltage settings for the transfer roller for covers. this contact form

Values: Address Sets the address in the address field. Contact Person: Displays the printer's administrator's name. Be sure to change the settings after you release the Power Saver mode. This page can be linked from LPD and Port9100 settings on the TCP/IP page.

Then, click the Copy the settings to the Host in the above list. Values: Reset Defaults and restart printer. share|improve this answer answered Jul 30 '11 at 18:20 bouke 5211520 There's no reason you have to do that. Berühren oder klicken Sie hier, falls Windows XP installiert ist. (Wenn die Seite erfolgreich gedruckt wird, sind keine weiteren Maßnahmen erforderlich.)   Stellen Sie sicher, dass der gewünschte Drucker als Standarddrucker festgelegt

This item is only available when the optional hard disk is installed. The original setting will remain valid if no input is made. You can change only the password in the Set Password page in the Print Server Settings menu. Coated Thick Sets the reference voltage settings for the transfer roller for coated thick paper.

Print a test page. (For instructions on how to print a test page from Windows, click the link below that corresponds to the Operating System that is installed on the computer.) MPF Paper Size Displays the size of paper loaded in the multipurpose feeder. *1 When the Power Saver mode is active, you cannot change the settings for Printer Settings, Copy Printer Share Flag This conversation is currently closed to new comments. 2 total posts (Page 1 of 1)   + Follow this Discussion · | Thread display: Collapse - | Expand + Enter the shortest address first before proceeding to the next longer address when setting multiple filters.

The default user name is admin, and the default password is left blank (NULL). WINS Primary Server Displays the primary WINS server address. The Printer Status menu appears in the Right Frame by clicking this image. Coated Displays the voltage settings of the transfer roller for coated paper.

Printer Auditron Use the Printer Auditron menu to limit users, color mode, and maximum volumes. website here The following items are displayed in the Top Frame. Context Name Specifies the context name of the Print Server Object up to 255 alphanumeric characters. Tray 2 Paper Type Displays the type of paper loaded in the optional 500-sheet tray module or 1000-sheet module.

Copying the settings is complete. weblink ja, Japaneseen, Englishfr, Frenchit, Italiande, Germanes, Spanishda, Danishnl, Danishfi, Finnishno, Norwegianpl, Polishpt, Portuguesesv, Swedishzh, Traditional Chinese Setting the Printer's IP Address to Non-proxy Select Preferences from Edit on the menu bar. Bonjour (mDNS)*4 Port Status Displays the port status. Google "1320c and OSX" and you will see everybody struggling with this combination.

POP3 Server Address*1 Specifies the POP3 server address in IP address format of "aaa.bbb.ccc.ddd" or as a DNS host name up to 63 characters. RAM Disk Displays whether to allocate memory to the RAM Disk file system for the Secure Print and Proof Print features.This item is only available when the 256 MB, or higher, Banner Sheet Insert Position Displays the position of banner sheet. http://xmailing.net/dell-printer/dell-printer.php Location: Displays the printer's location.

Hex Dump Displays whether the Hex Dump feature is on or off. NCP Packet Burst Displays the status, and whether to use NCP packet burst. Adjust Fuser Plain Displays the temperature settings of the fuser for plain paper.

Job Time-Out Displays the timeout period.

Regular Displays the Regular link. Printer Name Display the printer name. Join them; it only takes a minute: Sign up Here's how it works: Anybody can ask a question Anybody can answer The best answers are voted up and rise to the Error History Click Start button to print the Error Log page.

Values: Ethernet*1 Ethernet Settings Auto Detects Ethernet transmission rate and the duplex settings automatically. 10Base-T Half-Duplex Selects 10Base-T Half-Duplex as the default value. 10Base-T Full-Duplex Selects 10Base-T Full-Duplex as the default Values: Non-Dell Toner Overrides factory toner cartridge setting. Link Quality Displays the quality of the printer's wireless network connection. his comment is here Custom Size - X Displays the size in the X-axis Custom Size - Y Displays the size in the Y-axis Orientation Specifies how text and graphics are oriented on the page.

NOTE: An optional wireless LAN adapter is required to display the Wireless page. Just type the IP address of each printer on the network to display the asset tag number. You must turn on SSL on the browser server. Magenta Cyan Clean Developer Purpose: While printing is repeated, one color toner may be mixed in another color toner in the developer.

Menu Settings Purpose: To display the current settings of the operator panel menus. Administrator Password Specifies the administrator password up to 14 alphanumeric characters. Consumables Status OK Indicates that consumables are available. Restart Printer Click the Start button to reboot printer.

Init PS Disk Erases the PS fonts stored on the optional hard disk. Status Information Displays the status of NetWare. NOTE: You must be a network administrator to use this feature. The "IP Filter" page is displayed.

E-Mail Alert Links to the E-Mail Alert menu. This works for XP.Completely Uninstall and Reinstall your Printer and 'force' XP to see new drivers: Step 1 Disconnect the printer from the PC Step 2 Go to the Control Panel Für Windows XP, Vista, 7 und 8: How To Restore or Reinstall Microsoft Windows on a Dell Computer (Anleitung zum Wiederherstellen oder Neuinstallieren von Microsoft Windows auf einem Dell Computer). Printer Information Purpose: To verify the printer details such as hardware configuration and software version.

RAM Disk Specifies whether to allocate memory to the RAM Disk file system for the Secure Print and Store Print features.This item is only available when the 256 MB, or higher, PS Job Time-Out Displays the execution time for one PostScript job. The "IP Filter" page is displayed. Output Tray Status OK Indicates that the tray is available.

NOTE: An optional multi protocol card is required to display the NetWare Setup page. Values: Initialize NIC NVRAM Memory and restart printer Click the Start button to initialize NVRAM. DNS Domain Name*2 Displays the domain name of the domain name server. Empty Indicates that consumables are used up.