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Dektop- icon text background

Desktop background & Icons - Windows XP

Desktop Icon Text

Desktop Icon oddity

Desktop Icons color

desktop icon text colors

Desktop icon positions don't stay put

Desktop Icon Text Transparency

desktop icon problem

Desktop icon dont show.

Desktop Icon Disappear Issue

Desktop Icon Error Message

Desktop Icon Font Color Change

Desktop Icon Transparency

Desktop Icon Font Color

Desktop Icon Installation

Desktop Icon Shadows.

Desktop Icon Shortcuts all the on Win2K

Desktop icon issues

desktop icon shuffle

Desktop icon lost

Desktop icons not moveable

desktop icons will not stay when rebooting

Desktop icon "list arrow" missing from taskbar

Desktop icons are large and changed.

Desktop Icon Added

Desktop Icons locking to the left.

desktop icon in explore.exe

Desktop Icons - Names Underneath

Desktop icon popup

Desktop Icon shadow :S

Desktop icons "Drop Shadows" not working

Desktop Icon Title "Boxes"

Desktop icon trouble

Desktop Items have blue shadow

Desktop icons gets highlighted and opens in multiple windows

Desktop Font Colour

Desktop icon names

desktop icon unremoveable.

Desktop Icon placement

Desktop shortcut text boxes are no longer see through

Desktop Icons are Huge

Desktop icon displacement issue

Desktop Icons reset after entering and exiting fullscreen mode

Desktop Icons Shadow

Desktop icon fonts

Desktop icontext background

desktop icon graphics are gone

Desktop Icon

Desktop icon changed after around 1 second into boot up. explorer.exe problem?

desktop icons no longer transparent and other color issues

Desktop icon organisation

Desktop Icons Wording Color Change

desktop icons.to big!

destop seems to be double the size

desktop icon issue

Desktop Icon lable background transparent

Desktop Icons - Change Text Color?

determining when a desktop icon was created

desktop shortcut position

Disable move from desktop

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