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Default browser icon lost in desktop shortcut to websites when rss option present

desktop and icons

Desktop = Gone.


Desk Top Freezes Before Icons Appear

Desktop icons hijacked

Desktop icons and .exe's vanished

Desktop Graphics Disappeared

Desktop Icons KEEP disappearing

Desktop icons keep duplicating!

Desktop icons and information gone!

desktop icons gone

Desktop Icons disappear

Desktop icons gone; error message on restart

desktop icons

Desktop icons have been moved

Desktop Icons have changed

Desktop icons disappeared?

Desktop icons have disappeared

Desktop icons replaced with white squares on boot

Desktop Icons Jumping & Flickering

Desktop Icons turn white

Desktop Icons scrambled on bootup

Desktop Icons turned transparent

desktop gone cannot recall/replace

Desktop Icons Load very slowly

Desktop Icons Screw-Up

Desktop icons vanished

Desktop icons does not launch program

desktop icons going crazy

Desktop icons vanished! Internet connection disabled

Desktop Icons appearance has changed!

Desktop Icons Slow to Convert on Bootup

desktop icons don't match website icons

Desktop icons problem

Desktop Icons are multiplying

Desktop icons wont open

desktop icons being removed by limited account?

desktop icons tooooo big

Desktop Icons won't open programs

Desktop icons rearrange themselves after every reboot!

DESKTOP Icons Blank?

desktop icons missing

Desktop Icons won't lock

Desktop Icons Spazzing Out

Desktop Icons don't stay where i put them.

desktop icons error

Desktop Items

desktop lost

desktop items can't show up plus more

Desktop Items from old login needed

Desktop icons move

desktop icons take long to build

Desktop items won't stay put

Desktop is not working.


desktop monitor keeps refreshings itself in Windows XP

Desktop keeps refreshing on xp

desktop icons arent showing up

desk top the same please!

desktop icons all swapped around!

desktop icons / explorer.exe

desktop display missing

Desktop Icons Won't Stay Put At Reboot

desktop icons "chase" mouse

Desktop Icons Not Opening Programs

Desktop is scrambled

Desktop icons "flee" from cursor.Help!

Desktop icons not staying as set

Desktop rearranged + Spybot crashes comp

Desktop items have missing files & can't download anything - help!

Desktop Icons not working in Windows XP

Desktop icons gone crazy

Desktop icons multiplying

desktop icons highlighted

desktop icons remain highlighted after program closed

Desktop Icons in Alpha Order

Desktop shortcuts keep flicker and then coming back?

Desktop screen icons jumbled

Desktop icons slow to load

Desktop icons keep rearranging after Registry clean

Desktop Icons Not Functioning

Desktop Icons unstable

Desktop Icons dissapear

desktop icons keep changing

Desktop icons and taskbar is invisible

Desktop Icons un-transparent?

Desktop Slow to Appear after Boot

Desktop icons don't start programs ?

desktop is missing but computer still functions

Desktop Icons are being stupid!

Desktop Icons Missing on restart but "show desktop icons" is checked

Desktop shortcuts always mess up

desktop icons don't work

Desktop icons are missing

Desktop Items Gone

Desktop icons change?

Desktop won't stay as arranged

Desktop Icons missing captions

Desktop icons won't open?

desktop icons not appearing

Desktop Icons Out Of Order

Desktop Icons take 3 minutes to load on normal and seconds on safe mode-Hijack this?

Desktop icons takes aprox. 5 minutes to appear

Desktop icons are still returning to the upper left corner

Desktop Icons flashing

Desktop Icons Keep Moving

desktop icons not working

Desktop Icons Stuck

Desktop icons won't stay in place after reboot!

Desktop Toolbar items keep rearranging

Desktop Icons Labels Are Locked

Destop icons turn to file icon

Desktop icons take sooooo long to appear

Desktops Icons

Desktop will not hold icons--all disappeared.

desktop logos

desktop short cut icons

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