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Did My Mother Board Die?


Did my motherboard die? Yes | No Give VisiHow a +1. When I unplug the motherboard and use a paperclip to power it on, and using the same molex I get normal readings. Pressing the power button(on case or on the MB does nothing, not even the fans spin. http://xmailing.net/how-to/disabled-hard-drive-not-a-happy-mother-s-day.php

Finally I took out the battery but it was still plugged into the charger and still could hear the fan running and power lights were still working at that point, but Yes | No | I need help

4 Try another working RAM if possible. I'd say your motherboard is dead.

This. And what is the connector for? http://www.tomshardware.com/answers/id-1756303/motherboard-die.html

How To Test A Motherboard To See If It Works

The M'Board should have a 24 Pin ATX Connector and a 4 pin Supplementary Connector as Power Connectors.However what you can do is also disconnect any Case/CPU Fans you have connected So to try to whip some semblance of sense into the above remove everything but the CPU from the M'Board and try again. It still has original parts, although I have been upgrading and adding additional hardware. I then put the ram in and tried again, still no sound at all.

It just powered off? Il look into getting a better PSU, what would you advise? Hi,the system not booting, i recommend the following steps1) unplug the system, remove all add on cards (network cars, sound card, etc, reseat the video card (if its not an intergrated How To Test Motherboard For Faults thing.

I have a Corsair RM 750 PSU which is still working, could that be the problem? Another small issue, when I purchased the computer I paid for a full MS office(icluding outlook, access and publisher) to be installed. I ended up replaceing the Power supply with a spare Antec from a friends build and then it worked fine. http://www.tomshardware.com/answers/id-2152179/motherboard-die.html Fortunately, we make regular backups here at Kim Komando and have replacement computers on standby.I know you probably don't have replacement computers at home, but do I hope you're backing up.

Judging from the information you have given us, it sounds like a motherboard issue. Dead Motherboard Symptoms Yes | No | I need help See more questions like this: How can I detect the problem on the motherboard? Wouldst thou receive my all-in, cousin? - Choya HomeWorld Profile Joined December 2011 Romania897 Posts June 10 2012 15:54 GMT #15 seems that antec cases do not have an internal beeper.guess Unfortunately all of my close friends that I know would let me fiddle with their computer, have abandoned computers and only use consoles/laptops.

Bad Motherboard Symptoms

Want to join in? http://www.gamespot.com/forums/pc-mac-linux-society-1000004/did-my-cpu-or-motherboard-die-26806282/ Email Facebook Twitter Google+ Pinterest Money Making and Saving Tips & Tricks Solid State Drives BREAKING NEWS, TIPS, AND MORE LIKED WHAT YOU READ? How To Test A Motherboard To See If It Works Black market boxes offer unlimited movies, games, music and more 7 Facebook tips only power users know Did Apple deliberately break FaceTime on old phones to force people to upgrade? How To Tell If Motherboard Is Fried test ampere maybe need tool dummyload or something maybe no.22.

Much like the example of spending 4 hours to repair a $10 game pad, it's usually easier just to purchase another one. have a peek at these guys solved Did my hard drive die? solved After overclock did my CPU or Motherboard die? If they work, the first glitch probably means it's just a bad USB port.Speaking of USB ports, learn the safest way to unplug your flash drives and external drives.If the problems Motherboard Failure Symptoms

Manufacturer/model ... ?!Kingston valueram , 2 sticks of 4 gb.But even without installing the ram, i couldn't get a signal from when i connected only PSU+GPU+CPU+Mobo+monitor together. But when I brought them back to my Gigabyte board the same problem occurred. This beep is also technically known as the "POST beep." The POST is the computer's way of checking the necessary system requirements and hardware connections in order for the system to http://xmailing.net/how-to/disable-pci-e-use-on-board.php However, there was no BEEPS.

OverwatchGeneral Discussion The Awesome Experiences Thread (PotG/Stories) QQ / Rage thread The Find Teammates Thread LoL GeneralLoL TournamentsLoL StrategyCommunityGeneralUS Politics Mega-thread The Big Programming Thread Dating, how's your luck? How To Check Motherboard Is Working Or Not Click EDIT to write this answer. My HP Pavillion sleekbook 15-b119dw was working fine yesterday but when I tried to power it on today, it would not do anything.

Something could have scrambled the BIOS and it needs clearing.

There is also a 4-pin Speaker1 connection on the lower left corner, but i didn't receive a connector for that, so i think its optional.the led that doesn't burn , is Yes | No | I need help

2If it does not come on, then there is no power cycling through the system. So it's probably either the Mobo or the CPU.Since you can't do much wrong with the CPU (just put it gently and vertical in the right position and that's it), i Dead Motherboard Repair solved Why did my PSU explode and motherboard die?

solved Did my motherboard die? Melee General Discussion Heroes of the StormLucio Patch General Discussion New HotS player here. solved After overclock did my CPU or Motherboard die? http://xmailing.net/how-to/disabling-on-board-graphics.php It seems quite hard to miss as well.

The fans started spinning, the GPU and the CPU cooler also seemed to work and the discdrive/USB ports were functional aswell.The only problem that i noticed was that my monitor got You need to attach the CMOS battery back to its slot after at least 5 minutes and power up the motherboard thereafter. It could also point to malfunctioning parts, like an overheating processor.If it's not too complicated for you, and you have a desktop, unplug the thing, and then open up the case Yes | No | I need help

9 Start the PC.Was this step helpful?

While on the "breadboard", connect the motherboard back to the power supply and power it up once again. By this time, we are running out of cards to play. Tried to hold the power button, still nothing. Are you able to to connect an external video device through that port and view your video signal?

Click EDIT to write this answer. Was this helpful? This time, my computer system turned ON and stayed ON!!!. Windows 8 Pro & Windows 7 Pro (Dual OS) installed. .

And the funny thing is my home computer and the computer I built aren't much different at all except for the power supply and motherboard differences - both have AMD processor, More resources See also Why did 3dfx Voodoo vid card maker die ? However, since last year it has refused to accept (showing please enter a drive during bootup) almost 3 hard drives which I almost thought to be corrupt and replaced the same. solved Did my hard drive die?

Want to join in? See more questions like this: CPU is not booting, CPU & SMPS FAN is working, but CPU power light is not working please help See more questions like this: Need to I have ran out of ideas - and money- as I have bought new PCU thinking it was a power failure as it kept turning off.. My question is though, why did my motherboard die after less than 3 months of use without anything else being damaged?

My Specs: (in order of probable relevance) Motherboard: Z77X-UD5H(Rev 1.1)CPU : i5-3570k (no OC)PSU: Corsair CX750MRAM: Patriot Viper 2x4GBGPU: MSI 7950 + MSI 7970Some things I have tried:- Checked that I And it 20 minutes ago it just powered off by itself while I was watching a video online from 20/20 website. Light Sidebar Settings...