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Digital Photos Of Glass Sculpture


I have found the easiest and most controllable way to photograph artwork is to use strobes or off-camera flash. Dear matt,Thank you very much for sharing your knowledge and expertise. It is very important that all light sources match and have the same color temperature. (More details on the equipment can be found at the end of this page). A simple It is extremely difficult to predict the full impact of using a flash, and you don’t want to risk highlighting the wrong areas of your images. check over here

Measure with a tape from the center edge of the painting on each side to the center of the lens. Avoid shadows and messy framing, by making sure that the piece is level against the wall. The auto balance setting is the simplest option Buy or Borrow a Tripod A tripod is essential to taking a good in focus photograph of your artwork A tripod is the Thanks Dave, I'm getting into photographing artwork and your info.

How To Photograph Glass Objects

Most important to remember is to keep the camera steady, position your artwork inline with the camera and make sure to have plenty of natural light/lighting. Sometimes seeing small highlights accentuates the texture, and thus the three-dimensionality, of the work. Shift them around as needed. Your piece will appear poorly constructed, the colors will be misrepresented - you may as well be showing a picture of somebody else’s artwork.

At Agora Gallery, we don't require videos of artworks. The center of the painting, or rug,in the photo is not receiving even light.Lining up the camera with the painting takes time so marking the floor and wall or easel may Reflection by Lucy O'Donovan - Good photo - closest to representing the actual work Photographing your Artwork Make sure the camera is firmly attached to the tripod. Glass Photography Ideas Do not use any additional lighting in this case; just the illuminated flat panel.

Do some test shots, watch your camera's LCD and histogram, and vary your flash power and aperture to get the light level right. I have already written an article on correcting perspective, covered here. These will cover media I currently use and new art and craft areas. http://cuart.colorado.edu/resources/vrc/tips/photographing-3d/ The technique you choose depends on the style you prefer and the results you are trying to achieve.

These images were all obtained using an inexpensive two megapixel digital

I would think a polarizer would help deal with these. Photographing Glass Art If you have any questions or comments about this post, please Email me. By rotating the light panel lengthwise more of the glass, shown right, is illuminated. They also require many hours of cold working after the fusing processes.

Photographing Glass Without Glare

Theoretically, this should mean that the light would leave the artwork also at 45°. Read More Here Try shooting your full views with a wide-angle lens.  Remember that distortions can occur at the edges of a wide-angle lens, so zoom in a bit with the lens when shooting.  How To Photograph Glass Objects The Lite Pad will create the same special effect with acrylic cosmetics and perfume bottles. How To Photograph Glass Without Reflections And Shadows Thanks Reply AgoraExperts Jul 16, 2015 We're glad we could help, Tonee, and we'd love to see how the photographs turn out.

A big thank you to Lucy O'Donovan for letting us use her artwork. http://xmailing.net/how-to/digital-pictures-corrupted.php I'll be doing a test run of various items on the weekend as the actual shoot is in 3 weeks. 5/19/2009 Chuckeroon said... In one shot here I used a second Lite pad behind the body wash to light up the entire bottle. In the image on the left we have a shorter, dramatic transition from white to gray created by running the light panel sideways. Photographing Glass Bottles

See if the museum allows tripods (or monopods). In other pieces the combination of many overlapping thin translucent and dichroic layers gives the cast glass a unusually deep, 3-dimensional quality. This can also be done by placing a Kuhl Lite soft box behind the Lite pad as a backlight as shown with the BLV cologne. this content Getting Ready to Photograph your Artwork Buy or Borrow a Good Digital Camera.

Flash transmitters or receivers such as optical slaves, Cactus V2s, Pocket Wizards, or Nikon's CLS system. How To Photograph Sculpture What is your opinion on using a polarizer to reduce reflections/glare and enhance color? 2/15/2012 Anonymous said... A good article and I'm an artist using photography as the main medium for my creations.

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Thank you so much for your help and tutorials! 6/21/2011 astho said... See some art through my eyes.Contact Me Contact Me.

This site is in its early days and we are constructing new pages daily. The background creates the illusion of light falling off into darkness. How To Photograph Glass On Black Background Set your camera's highest synchable shutter speed (you'll want to eliminate as much ambient light as possible).

Photographing Newsprint and Other Small Artwork For newsprint and other small, 2-dimensional artwork, a one-flash, one-umbrella setup works quickly and easily. Some recommend a setting of 200 ISO) Good Auto Focus Ability to adjust white balance - The type of light you’re shooting in may produce white light with slightly different color tints. Positioning your art For smaller sculptural work, place your art on a flat surface with a neutral colored background Don’t place your art too close to the background, give it some have a peek at these guys This might not sound obvious, but it will give you far greater control over the images you can take, and will help you maintain your own perspective.

She is a graduate of Florida State University (B.A., English) and the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale (B.S., computer animation) and resides in Cincinnati, Ohio. Portfolio GalleriesRichard Flint Photography is a North Yorkshire (UK) based photographic company based near York, that provides a broad range of creative services including commercial photography, digital photo repair, audio production Having a speck of dust on the glass can mess with your camera’s automatic focus in the most annoying of ways. While most installations can be shot with the current lighting, sometimes adding additional light can be helpful to highlight a certain area.

There is no reflection and the light is even. Of the above-mentioned forms of artwork, I've found paintings to be the most difficult - oil on canvas in particular. This means that some light ends up reflecting straight back into the camera lens, showing up as a reflection on the painting. With the ease of digital cameras and the tips in this article, even someone without any experience can take great photos of their work.

Reply Agora Experts Mar 2, 2016 Dear Richard, all images for the 2016 Chelsea International Fine Art Competition have to be submitted online. I am volunteering at an art gallery whereas the work is by physically/mentally challenged adults. This edition contains the most comprehensive and up-to-date market contacts for working photographers today: magazines, book publishers, greeting card companies, stock agencies, advertising firms, contests, and more. Try experimenting with the aperture setting.  The bigger your aperture, the faster the shutter speed will be (less shake), but less of the image will be in focus.  Remember that a

I will also cover how to correct and post process the photographed artwork. Then you need to know how to take great photos of your artwork. The underlighting technique covered, is a personal favorite of mine, and where I believe the fun comes in! If you are supplementing the current light with a lighting-kit, be sure to position the kit so it cannot be seen in the photo.